Beyond The End Of The Road: Providing Health Services To Marginalized Rural Populations

When Jean Shailunga of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) contracted cholera, he was more fortunate than many of his neighbors in the rural community of the North Katanga Province. The change-maker for Shailunga was the 16-day cholera treatment he received at a Kizanga United Methodist health center. Health facilities in North Katanga are few and far between and often not equipped with medicines and supplies.

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Hulapalooza and the New York Annual Conference

In April almost 200 people from more than 30 churches participated in the New York Annual Conference Hulapalooza at Mt. Vernon First UMC!

The event boasted “joy-filled” worship, resource tables, several workshops and many activities for people of all ages. Healthy and delicious snacks kept them moving and concluded the Hulapalooza event that was both fun and spirit-filled.

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Hulapalooza celebrates Abundant Health around the world

“Focusing on our health benefits us in many different ways,” says Marie C. King, of St. John’s United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. “If we’re not healthy enough to get out and walk, we’re not healthy enough to come to worship … or to be involved in the community and socialize with each other.”

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