1. What does Abundant Health mean to the denomination?

The Abundant Health initiative aims to increase participation across The United Methodist Church in health ministries. Engaging in health demonstrates to world that the denomination strives for mental, physical and spiritual well-being across our global connection. Abundant Health also supports the General Board of Global Ministries Global Health focus of extending health interventions to one million children by 2020. Learn all about the initiative on our discover Abundant Health page.

2. On what types of health projects does Abundant Health focus?

Holistic well-being is key for all people to thrive and live the lives that God intends them to live. Abundant Health focuses on mind, body and spirit so that all people can achieve a whole, vibrant life.

3. What is the best way to launch the Abundant Health initiative in my church?

Consider hosting a Hulapalooza event. This is a fun, hula-hoop themed event that will support mental, physical and spiritual health for all participants. Detailed information, including a kit of leader resources, is available on our Hulapalooza page.

4. Do you have any suggestions of how our congregation can engage in health ministries and foster healthy lifestyle choices?

Yes! We have many resources and recommendations available on our resources page.

5. How can we commit to the effort?

Sign up to be an Abundant Health congregation! Every church in the denominational connection has an opportunity to be a beacon of holistic well-being…claim your role as a source of healing in your community.

6. We already have health ministries. How can our congregation share stories about the ministry work we are doing as part of the Abundant Health initiative?

You can submit your health ministry stories by filling out the form found on our stories page.

7. How will our congregation’s story be used?

Our intention is to publish your stories on our website so that other congregations and individuals will learn about the good work and impact your congregation is having in the community.

8. How can we get Abundant Health-related updates?

Sign up for the bi-monthly e-newsletter, Experience Abundant Health.

Follow UMC Abundant Health on: Instagram   Facebook   &   Twitter

9. Are donations being accepted to support the initiative?

Yes, donations to support Abundant Health are being accepted through the Global Health initiative of The Advance.