What’s Hulapalooza?

Join United Methodists around the world as we come together to hoop our way to health!

Hulapalooza is a joyful celebration of healthy living centered on a hula-hoop theme. It can be adapted to fit the needs, schedule, missional focus and volunteer availability of any local church.

John Wesley was a strong proponent of preventive care and healthy living, so Methodism has a long history of engaging in ministry that supports mind, body and spirit.

The event is a great opportunity to:

  • Build stronger bonds among congregants
  • Reach out to people who are seeking connection with a faith community
  • Provide everyone (all ages, abilities and backgrounds) a chance to fulfill a common need: to find fun ways to invest in their overall health
  • Boost awareness and support of health-related missional opportunities and community needs
  • Celebrate the health ministries that you already have, or help launch a new ministry
  • Encourage greater appreciation for healthy living and the church’s role in supporting holistic well-being

There are many ways to host a Hulapalooza, and it is up to you to decide when you have it and how elaborate or simple you want it to be. Your event might involve worship, a Bible study, group hula-hooping competitions, arts and crafts, a health fair, music, games for kids, and more!

Do you plan to host a Hulapalooza?

Please let us know by completing our Abundant Health form. Then, explore the below kit of free resources designed to assist church leaders in planning and hosting a Hulapalooza.

Download the entire Hulapalooza leader’s kit or download individual files. Before you begin, please read this instruction guide so you know how to use the below resources.

Planning resources

Artwork & graphics

How-to guides & activities


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