Participating Church Stories

Embracing hula-hoops and healthy living for all

To celebrate World Health Day on April 7, 2018, the Abundant Health initiative of The United Methodist Church launched Hulapalooza. Churches in New York, South Carolina, and Zimbabwe participated in this exciting, new health event. (more…)

Hulapalooza celebrates Abundant Health around the world

“Focusing on our health benefits us in many different ways,” says Marie C. King, of St. John’s United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. “If we’re not healthy enough to get out and walk, we’re not healthy enough to come to worship … or to be involved in the community and socialize with each other.”


UMC Day of Health: Sharing Passions for Health and Wholeness

Only at the United Methodist Day of Health will you find a hula hoop circus artist, United Methodist clergy, and other health enthusiasts gathered in one room.