The Impact of Giving

Your gifts to Advance Projects will enrich the lives of people in your backyard and around the world.

  • Your gift of $50 could provide 250 malaria rapid diagnostic tests to clinics abroad, expediting diagnosis and treatment.
  • Your gift of $100 could provide 20 pregnant women with prenatal care.
  • Your gift of $250 could provide nearly 18,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables to food pantries so low-income families can enjoy fresh produce.
  • Your gift of $500 could provide 30 hours of nutrition and health education for school-aged children.
  • Your gift of $1,000 could provide a community garden in areas deemed food deserts in the U.S.
  • Your gift of $5,000 could provide five water pumps, allowing women and children to access clean, safe drinking water. Give now.

Abundant Health in Action

In 2017, Global Health support, given through The Advance #3021770, changed lives around the world via:

  • $5.4 million in gifts
  • 7 core program areas:
    1. Food security, water sanitation and hygiene
    2. Health system strengthening
    3. Imagine No Malaria
    4. Mother and child health
    5. Substance abuse prevention and recovery
    6. Nutrition and scholarships for U.S. health ministers
    7. HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment
  • 84 grants supported 524,266 beneficiaries in 6 regions:
    1. Africa: 50
    2. Asia: 7
    3. Europe: 1
    4. Middle East: 4
    5. Latin America: 5
    6. North America: 17


Take a closer look at the impact of your gifts through the 2017 Abundant Health Infographic