Hulapalooza in Rio Bravo, Mexico

Manos Juntas operates under a strong guiding vision: to serve people and communities with a Christian heart, empowering them to overcome the challenges that prevent them from attaining a better standard of living.

Photo: Chad Stoltz

Several partners including The Methodist Church of Mexico and now the West Ohio Annual Conference help Manos Juntas fulfill this vision.

Photo: Chad Stoltz

On May 3, 2018, the West Ohio Annual Conference began a medical campaign with Manos Juntas, providing medical aid and dental care to hundreds of local patients in Rio Bravo, Mexico, just over the border from South Texas.

On the third day of the campaign the conference and Manos Juntas co-hosted a Hulapalooza event, a first for each of the partners. Around 100 children tapped into their creativity, constructing hula hoops from materials donated by The Home Depot.

Photo: Chad Stoltz

Moreover, Manos Juntas and the team from West Ohio Conference fed the community, led arts and crafts sessions, hosted a few games of kickball, and nurtured relationships with their new friends from Rio Bravo.

The Abundant Health team extends a big “Thank You!” to all involved partners.

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